Welcome to the Royal Union League

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Welcome to the Royal Union League

Post by ¢ on Sun Jul 12, 2015 1:16 am

Welcome to the Royal Union League!

Hi, and thank you all for stopping by! To start off, the Royal Union League, otherwise abbreviated as RUL, is a league for Mario Kart Wii. It's going to hold the same league format as all previous MKW leagues (World Clan League, International League, etc), but with a different ruleset and a different overall format of how it's ran. The biggest difference from previous leagues that most of you will notice is the roles, or staff positions which can be found below with an explanation next to each role.

Most of you probably think our goal is to shut down or "destroy" the Custom Server League. If you're thinking that, you're completely wrong. We're creating this in order to have a fresh start; a better beginning than the past 7 years have been for us as a whole. In addition, it will also bring a better environment and [inside-league] community, as most of you have probably found out by now, since this is the first MKW league to introduce mandatory conditional participation for every participant, ensuring that the league will be 99.9% cheat-free.

After reading this thread, feel free to head over to the official RUL ruleset and familiarize yourself with the rules. If you see any flaws in the current ruleset or wish to suggestion something better, we are always open to taking in your suggestions which can be posted here.


League Admin:
The league admin is similar as previous leagues--to make sure all staff members are doing their job correctly and the league is kept running in a smooth manner; the overseer. This person/s will only step in and take the role of another if all else fails and it is needed under extreme circumstances only.

Conditionals Reviewer (Disc & ISO):
Their job is to make sure everyone's conditional participation is valid. Valid meaning, uploaded in time and follows the correct format. If this is not the case, they are to to handle the consequences--no other person than this person/s is to handle it. Each player will state whether they loaded through a disc or an ISO, and a staff member with the role (Disc) or (ISO) will handle your needs each week. This person/s is to report to the Match Manager after reviewing all conditional participation footage for a match and let them know that everyone's conditional participation is verified, or of any errors--and if so, note and explain the penalties.

We know this seems like a lot at first, but once everyone gets the hang of it and is used to doing it, it honestly shouldn't have a lot of complaining--it's definitely a huge plus for the community as a whole.

In addition, Confirmed Conditionals will be making a return for the Royal Union League. For more information on what this is and how to apply for it, you can view this thread.

Registry Manager:
This job is identical to those of the "registration admins" in previous leagues. This person/s will verify and point out any errors that may happen in player and team registrations, player transfer requests, and friend code updates. Please remember, however, that they are only doing this job and following the RUL rules, so if any player was to incorrectly register or not register on time, they wouldn't be able to help--for an issue regarding that, contact a league admin.

Match Manager:
The job of a match manager is probably the most important in its own way. In previous leagues, these people were known as "division admins" (half, not exactly the same). Their job is to make sure all rules are enforced, with the exception of conditional participation (which is the Conditionals Reviewer's job)--they do not handle conditional participation for players, however, they cover everything else surrounding the match. Once this person/s reviews the matches they are assigned, they will post the final result on the result thread, with explanations for any compensation and/or penalties--and will also include the explanations for any players' failed conditional participation (if this is needed--if every player's conditional participation is verified, they will simply note that). If you think a mistake was made with your match result, the person you will contact is the match manager who made the final post on your result thread.

Table Editor:
The job for a table editor is to solely update the division/s standings weekly. In previous leagues, these people were known as "division admins" (half, not exactly the same). However, the main difference now is that they will update only the standings--compensation, penalties, and what decides the final result. Table editors will update the standings after the Match Manager makes the final post on the result thread. This person/s is not a decision maker for any deciding factors--they are only following the information provided by the Match Manager.

Match Disputer:
A match disputer will only come in on an extreme case that the match managers are not able, or not allowed, to solve. In previous leagues, you would refer to this as the council's job. The only difference being this group of people will solely be solving disputes--nothing else such as cheating, or the ban list. Match disputes will have a topic for said match created in this section if a match disputer thinks it is necessary. Also, another thing to note is that the discussion will be open to the public (sometimes for replies instead of just viewing, if so it will be noted in the topic), so nothing will be hidden--everyone's opinions, or what they think is the best option, should be posted on said thread with good reasoning. If a thread is not made in the section, the final say from the match disputers will be posted in the match result thread. Match disputers can only overturn a match manager's and conditionals reviewer's decision on something if the group's total vote is 80% (or higher) for them being against the original decision made by the match manager--reasoning for every staff member covering this role on the choice they made is required.


Once everything is finalized and set up correctly, we will be hiring staff through the staff applications (soon to come) forum. You may fill out an application there to apply for a certain position that would suit you best.

If you have any questions or are confused about something typed above, ask us in this thread! Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you all participating in the Royal Union League soon enough!

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