How To || New Player Registrations

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How To || New Player Registrations

Post by ¢ on Sun Jul 12, 2015 12:12 am

NOTE: For transfer requests (for already registered players that wish to switch teams), view this thread.

If you are enrolling yourself into the Royal Union League for the first time, this is the thread you have to be on. Fill out the following application below in a new topic.

  • Forum Name
  • Community Name ("known" name)
  • Skype Contact (required if you will ever organize RUL matches for your clan)
  • Friend Codes
  • Picture/video of Friend Codes [picture cannot be with a capture card of any sort]
  • Team with Team Registry link

If your registration was accepted, your topic will be locked in this section with the tag [Verified] in front of it and your player information will also be updated on the registry spreadsheet.

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